Vue is Awesome: Here’s Why!

Vue has been growing in popularity and has surpassed React to become the top javascript library for building user interfaces.

Vue is a popular JavaScript front-end framework and one that is growing more popular every day. It recently surpassed React to become the most popular library for building user interfaces.

For starters, its tiny (~24KB), and very performant. For developers who think Angular is too much and React is too little, Vue is exactly what you are looking for!

Perfect Balance

Vue provides the perfect balance between Angular and React. Even though React is a fully flexible library, the trouble of building components from scratch for routine tasks such as loops and conditionals make it pretty annoying for an average developer.

While Angular has everything under one roof, it is a complete framework compared to React which is a library. This comes with the downside of importing the full framework even for simple prototypes.

Angular offered too much while React offered too little.!

This is where Vue shines. As a library tinier than react, it comes with inbuilt components for common tasks such as for loops (v-for) and if conditions (v-if). This helps developers to quickly build prototypes without worrying too much about writing basic components from scratch.

Learning Curve

The learning curve of a framework/library is quite important when it comes to startups/businesses with quick turnarounds. Both Angular and React come with a steep learning curve which makes it difficult to train teams to take over existing projects.

One of the reasons for Vue’s popularity is its resemblance to Angular 1. Angular 1 was the first front-end framework to introduce two-way data binding. It was a huge success (followed by the angular team betraying developers by releasing angular 2 without backward compatibility) and was massively popular among front-end developers.

So the chances are that most front-end developers are already familiar with Angular 1 which enables them to pick up Vue pretty quickly.

Easy to integrate into an existing project

If you have made the choice to move to Vue but still wondering about the difficulties of rewriting your entire codebase, Vue can perfectly co-exist with other frontend frameworks. Even if you have another framework running on your project, you can install Vue alongside it, giving you the choice to move one UI component to Vue at a time.

This was another reason for Vue’s rapid adoption by development teams while the core framework was still in place. Vue made it easier to build ideas into components and test it with users which has ultimately made it the most popular front-end framework today!


Along with these great features, Vue has fantastic community support and is being used by a lot of applications in production. If you are interested to learn more, Vue also has one of the best documentation ever. Good luck with your next project.


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